When It Lands Will My Eyes Be Closed Or Open uk


Performative Installation for Tanznacht 2020 

Based on the stage figure of ‘the inconsolable’ – an imaginary character marked by the loss of community, dignity and hope – the artists transform the allegory of the suffering subject into a concrete stage situation in an attempt to reclaim it, to take it away from reactionary politics and religion and back into the sphere of social solidarity and progressive artistic practices.

For this edition of Tanznacht 2020, overshadowed by ongoing restrictions and emergency conditions, the artists have turned their original stage work, the solo ROGER, into a living installation. The basic setting of the solo – a body trapped in a corner between two walls – is reduced to its constituent elements: the space, the presence of the performer, a single light source. Those elements are then (dis)played inside a new constellation – stripped of their choreographic form – in order to unveil the singularity of their presence and duration.

The solo work ROGER, a source for this installation, will be presented in its full stage form at the second part of Tanznacht in July 2021.

When It Lands Will My Eyes Be Closed Or Open?

Une installation-performance inspirée de ROGER, les 9 et 10 septembre 2020, dans le cadre de l’exposition Tanznacht Berlin Vertigo

Roger Sala Reyner, Guillaume Marie and Igor Dobričić

Performative installation based on the choreographic piece “ROGER”.
Concept: Roger Sala Reyner, Guillaume Marie, Igor Dobričić,
Performing: Roger Sala Reyner,
Artistic assistance: Guillaume Marie and Igor Dobričić,
With the kind support of Tanznacht Berlin 2020.