Piece for 2 dancers

Created at Radicals Festival, Teatre Lliure, barcelona (S), 11 april 2008
In 1953 on an evening while trying to sell a weapon to get to some money and drugs, William Burroughs killed his wife, Joan Vollmer. Provocating eachother constantly they decided to play together the legend of”William Tell”; she put a glass on her head and he fired. Killed her on the spot. After her death, William started with his literary life. In the chronology of their realshionship it is interesting to note that they’ve reached such tension between them , a climax which never made itclear if Joans death was an actual murder or either an accident.
Both proceeding from similar artistic backgrounds and techniques, such as classical, modern, performance and visual arts, the artists share a strong bond to cinematography. Built around some complex images and architectural choreography, the body here becomes the messenger and the narration of an abstract painting.

There is a particular focus on the 50’s cinematic aesthetisizm where each element, from the costumes to the light and make up is there to create a universe with the aim of creating a black and white “ film noire “ piece. Where the reality of the emotions is being intwined with the plasticity proposed.

« The truth is irrelevant, it’s all a pile of lies and historical revisionism, there is nothing close to the truth, it’s all in your mind. » William Burroughs


Concept , choreography & interpretation
Maria Stamenkovic Herranz & Guillaume Marie
Music: KK Null (Publish par Touch Music-MCPS)
Lights design: Sylvia Kuchinow
Costumes design: Cédrick Debeuf
Make up design: Rebecca Flores
Music edition: Veselin Mitev
Executive Production: Dominique Bernat
Photograph: Noemí Jariod
Graphism : Grégoire Gitton


Compagnie Maria Stamenkovic Herranz & Tazcorp/

Teatre Lliure / Generalitat de Catalunya
With the support of  Tazcorp and L’Hospitalet La Bobila

Thanks to:
Jordi Fondevila, Bas Et Hauts, Pascal Labrunie, Txiki Berraondo, Jonathan Capdevielle, Mathilde Guislan, Roger B. Landoni, Marcos Flanagan, Alberto Aldana, Pía Mazuela, Daphné Malherbe, Maribel Martinez, La Fede, Lucian Segura and Max – the little marinero, Glauco Hanna, Roger Bernat et remerciements special à Monty Gabrys pour sa merveilleuse voix.