Nervous System 2020 is an installation-performance comprised of dance, spatial sound and holographic imagery. It is created and directed by visual artist Marcel Weber / MFO (DE), choreographed by Guillaume Marie (FR) and features music written by J.G. Biberkopf (LT). The piece plunges into the throes of the information age. An immaterial omnipresence, net and server based, enchants the modern world, daily life became unthinkable without constant technological company.

The piece invites the spectators to meander the currents of this new world. In a space without clear orientation marks they’ll find a Youtuber, who teaches emotional studies to an audience of bots/algorithm/AI, an Otaku, blinded and obsessed by the beautiful dazzle of technological relics, and a runner who seeks the best version of herself in telemetric spirituality. Each of these characters reside in one of three transparent chambers, which are spread out in the wider audience space, de-centralized and separated from each other. Filled with haze, projections form luminous shapes within the chambers, surrounding the performers, who thus becomes inter-actors inside holographic displays. The music, despite its apparent autonomy, connects chambers and space, performers and audience. It takes notions from many places, mutates and blends them, constantly changing it’s shape, appearance and affect, while it’s ingredients align and build one experience.

Elements of Gaming Culture, Dekotora and K-pop, of Photoshopping, Fashion and Trigonometry are hidden in the piece like Easter eggs, while notions of Narcissism and Neurosis, of Over-Stimulation and Ecstasies, of Ritual and Submission are present all along. The performers show gestures and postures of contemporary lifestyle in abstract interpretation, isolated, energetic, highly specialized: nervous cells of an invisible, all-encompassing network.

With our physical and virtual realities increasingly intertwined, Nervous System 2020 is a reflection about this complex relationship and the transformative processes to modern data-driven society.



Performance Installation In Situ 
Duration: 30’
Conception, Scenography, Video artwork : Marcel Weber (MFO) 
Choreography : Guillaume Marie
Original score : Gediminas Žygus (J.G. Biberkopf)

Created in collaboration and performed by:
Angèle Micaux, Carlès Romero Vidal & Maria Stamenkovic-Herranz

Premiere: Berlin Atonal on August 28, 29, 30, 31 and September 1st 2019

Production – Management:
Outer Agency represented by Harry Glass +49 174 8585 141 –

Tristan Barani +33 (0)6 16 75 12 94 –

Technical director:
Constantin Schägg +49 157 302 051 54 –

Production: Berlin Atonal


(…) Au rez-de-chaussée du gigantesque bâtiment campant aux abords de la Spree, les trois aquariums géants plastifiés – conçus par le scénographe et directeur artistique en charge de la spatialisation du festival Marcel Weber pour servir de scène aux séquences théâtralisées d’acteurs de la performance Nervous System 2020 (…) traduisent aisément ce choix d’une immersion plus globale dans l’architecture du lieu, avec des installations moins nombreuses et des choix artistiques forts.

Laurent Catala, Trax Magazine, 09-2019

(…) Outre des concerts et des sets de DJ à l’interface de la musique noise et de la culture de clubs, des objets d’art, des installations et des films sont également présentés. Nervous System 2020, une installation spectaculaire composée d’images de danse, de sons et d’holographes de Guillaume Marie, Marcel Weber et J. G. Biberkopf, avec trois personnages dans de grandes vitrines dont les mouvements sont moins dansés que l’analyse abstraite des mouvements. L’autre événement marquant sera la performance live de Cyprien Gaillard samedi, qui comportera une adaptation de sa contribution “Ocean II Ocean” à la Biennale de Venise de cette année.

Volker Like, Der Tagesspiegel, 29-08-2019

The gigantic former power plant doors will open to host and witness a myriad of advanced proposals from the contemporary sound and visual art scene. Sometimes sound goes hand in hand with visuals or vice versa, lights, visual effects, smoke and noise will multiply its impact in the immensity of the venue, immersed in a grey cloud, and where time seems to dissolve, at least during these five days. The festival open on Wednesday at Stage Null with the installation-performance Nervous System 2020, a work that merge dance, sound, and holographic artworks. Choreographed by Guillaume Marie with music by J. G. Biberkopf and visuals by Marcel Wber/MFO, the genre-defying project is created and directed by Marcel Weber. The piece shows Angèle Micaux, Carlès Romero Vidal & Maria Stamenkovic-Herranz performing minimalist motion, mundane gestures, and postures of contemporary lifestyle, in an abstract interpretation. The performance will be on view every afternoon after the screenings program which also happen in the ground floor stage.

Maria Munoz, Chromart, 09-2019

They look like windows onto an early 1980s cyberpunk dream: three vitrines, full of fog and pulsing washes of juicy, rainbow coloured light. Each contains a dancer making considered minimal movements in response to their changing environment: shymmying though slats of light like a jewel thief across a filed of lasers, or just jogging on a treadmill though a sluice of gathering fog.(…)This performance pens each night of Atonal, and it’s both a mesmerizing introduction to the festival and a metaphor for what it’s like to attend.

The Wire, n.429, November 2019