Création 2018 / 2019

Concept, choreography and dramaturgy: Guillaume Marie and Igor Dobricic
Created in collaboration with and performed by: Roger Sala Reyner
Music: Roly Porter 
Stage and light desing: Pol Matthé
Technical director: Stéphane Monteiro

Production: Guillaume Bordier
+33 (0)6 64 81 07 98

Tour management: Erwan Coëdelo
+33 (0)6 89 85 71 75

Production: TAZCORP/

Co producers

– confirmed: Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-DenisUferstudios – Tanzfabrik (Berlin)Fabrik Potsdam, CDCN La Maison (Uzes) and the Institut français in GermanyThéâtre de Vanves (Vanves)Emmetrop (Bourges)Drac Ile de France – aide au projet 2018Institut Français – Berlin  


Tanzfabrik – Uferstudios (Berlin – G)Emmetrop (Bourges – FR)Fabrik Potsdam (G)



Germany: Tanzfabrik, Berlin, february/march 2019

France: PREMIERE Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, June 2019  

Work in progress /
> Préfigurations:
#1 Tanzfabrik – Uferstudios – February 25th 2018
#2 Théâtre de Vanves, Artdanthé – April 5th 2018
#3 Emmetrop, Bourges, May 11th 2018
#4 Fabrik, Potsdam, 25 aout 2018  

Tour schedule
Festival Uzes Danse CDCN La Maison, june 2019
DanceLive, Aberdeen (UK), November 2018
Théâtre de Vanves, Artdanthé 2020 (ongoing research)


PREMIERE Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, June 2019  


An allegory of comfort

Guillaume Marie and Igor Dobricic initiate a choreographic and performative project in which they explore the act of comforting. They will write a triptych of soli for three of their close artistic collaborators (Roger Sala Reyner, Gael Depauw and Suet Wan Tsang). With ROGER (temporary title), Guillaume Marie, Igor Dobricic and Roger Sala Reyner address the habit as a social, brotherly act (comforting the other) as well as an intimate one (comforting oneself). ROGER is an invitation: a performer invites the public to help him build a fleeting and fragile community of comforters and comforted. The system encompasses both a visual art installation and a choreographic performance; a heterotopy suitable for a ritual in which the intimate and the public can coexist and support one another freely. The artistic stake of the solo is to imagine representations of Comfort in the contemporary context. It is about reclaiming a phenomenon often left to religious institutions or conservative policies and transferring it back to artistic, philosophic and social spheres. The artists imagine an allegory and tries to answer the question that the philosopher Michael Foessel asks to our society: How can we channel the obvious effects of suffering in order to prevent them from challenging the unity of the group?

* in Le Temps de la Consolation de Michaël Foessel